Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The humour in grammar - word crimes!

In our house, we have an understanding. Grammar forms the building blocks for cohesive conversation. Yes there was a time when my 16-year-old would roll his eyes, utter a sigh and give into whatever weighty lecture I might have the occasion to deliver after reviewing his English composition. And my husband would begrudgingly hand over his latest sermon for my review. They wanted my opinion but not the criticism that usually accompanied it. 
Now we approach grammar lessons with a different lens. We inject humour into our creatively crafted prose. We poke fun at common grammatical pitfalls and try to devise new and thoughtful ways to approach articulate expression. Why? Because it's not about the words, it's about how wonderfully they connect to produce beautifully written stories, inspiring historical accounts and rhetorical messages. Richly woven tales of adventure, characters so aptly personified or landscapes depicted with dazzling narratives serve to fuel our devotion. And when we want to have a little more fun, well there's always Weird Al.

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